Friday, 24 October 2014

NEW EBOOK - Ghosts of the Tower of London

NEW EBOOK - Ghosts of the Tower of London

The Tower of London has a sinister reputation - and deservedly so. Executions, murders and disappearances fill its history. Now a new ebook looks at the ghosts, spooks and hauntings that fill these ancient, bloodstained walls.
This book looks at the ghosts that haunt this ancient and forbidding fortress. We meet Anne Boleyn, Lord Dudley, Lady Jane Grey, Sir Walter Raleigh among the famous and a number of anonymous white ladies, grey men and even a phantom bear.
The “Bretwalda Ghost Files” series seeks to look at some of the best known or best authenticated hauntings the have been reported.

About the Author
Jordan Godwinstowe has been studying ghosts for the past 30 years. He began by investigating ghosts to pass the evenings while away from home on business trips, but more recently has been undertaking journeys specifically to carry out investigations into reputedly haunted buildings. He has a vast archive of photos and witness statements about hauntings and ghosts of many different kinds. Now he brings his extensive expertise to bear on the Bretwalda Ghost Files.

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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

NEW BOOK - The Battle of Towton

NEW BOOK - The Battle of Towton

A book about the largest battle ever fought on English soil - the Battle of Towton, one of the key turning points in the Wars of the Roses. .
The murderous Wars of the Roses had already seen dukes, earls, lords and thousands of commoners butchered as two branches of the royal family struggled to gain firm control of the crown. The struggle came to a head at Towton, Yorkshire, where Edward Duke of York with 30,000 men faced Henry Duke of Somerset with 35,000. The battle that followed proved to be especially vicious as scores were settled and blood flowed like rivers. The result determined England’s history for a generation.
This book brings an exciting new look to the Wars of the Roses. The course of the campaign is given, but the emphasis is on the Battle itself and the men who fought there. There are detailed analyses of weapons, tactics and strategies, tactical diagrams explain how the troops formed up and moved, and a study of the commanders. The course of the battle is followed with the aid of maps, relating to the ground today. The aftermath of the battle, its effects and importance to the progress of the war are then described.
The “Bretwalda Battles” series has been running with increasing success as printed books and as ebooks for five years.

Chapter 1 The Wars of the Roses
Chapter 2 Leaders at Towton
Chapter 3 Men, Weapons and Tactics
Chapter 4 The Battle of Towton - First Day
Chapter 5 The Battle of Towton - Second Day
Chapter 6 Aftermath

About the Author
Leonard James is an author of military books. He comes from a military family that has fought in every major war since at least the Crimean War, and probably before that. His forebears were mostly cavalrymen, though his father served in the RAF. Leonard has made a particular study of battlefields in Britain, walking over dozens of them to get an eye for ground. He has also handled genuine and replica weapons to better understand the use of pre-modern weapons and the men who wielded them.

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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

NEW EBOOK - A Spotter's Guide to Sound Government Policies

NEW EBOOK -  A Spotter's Guide to Sound Government Policies

It is alarming to think that people once knew what Conservatism meant and what it stood for, and how much since then doubt has set in.
How radical is the Conservative Party today, compared with what it should be? What proposals would really shake up Whitehall and Brussels, spark up business, and fire up the economy? What policies would really galvanize the nation, break the stale consensus, and engage an electorate today indifferent to politics and distrustful of politicians?
A senior backbencher, a leading policy guerillista, and Margaret Thatcher’s eminent lieutenant here get together to suggest a platform for the next Government. This pocket guide helps the reader to measure the inventiveness of the Conservatives and other parties as they set out their manifesto stall.
This book suggests one hundred ideas to put the party back on track, to reconnect with what average voters beyond the W11 postcode hope for and aspire to, and what they expect Government to do to help.
Not everyone will agree with everything in these pages, nor is the list a complete one. Nor do the authors confine their aspirations to the Conservative Party alone: with the nation’s needs uppermost, they would be delighted to see such proposals adopted across the political divide.

Foreword by Lord Tebbit.

About the Authors
Brian Binley MP is a British Conservative Party politician. He has been the Member of Parliament for Northampton South since 2005, entering Parliament after a long career in local government in Northamptonshire. He currently sits on the National Board of the Conservative Party.
Dr Lee Rotherham is an author and veteran political campaigner who has advised a number of front benchers. He is also an army reservist who has undertaken three tours of duty. He has twice been a Conservative candidate in general elections, in St Helens South (the ‘butler seat’) in 2001 and in Rotherham in 2005.
The Rt Hon. Norman Tebbit, Baron Tebbit, CH is a British politician who served in the Cabinet from 1981 to 1987 and was a Member of Parliament from 1970 to 1992. He gave up his parliamentary seat for Chingford in 1992, and has since sat in the House of Lords as Baron Tebbit of Chingford.

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Monday, 20 October 2014

NEW BOOK - The Road to Freedom: How Britain Can Escape the EU by Gerard Batten MEP

As Britain moves towards exit from the European Union, the author warns of a trap laid by the EU and how to avoid it. “The route to Brexit is a Gordian Knot of a problem that requires an Alexandrian solution,” he writes.
Brexit (British Exit) from the EU is moving up the political agenda, but few have looked at the mechanism by which it might be achieved and the problems involved.
The European Union’s process of ‘ever closer union’ is fashioned like the jaws of a shark. The teeth slant backwards. Once inside the mouth the only route is onwards down the gullet to digestion. Membership of the EU has been deliberately constructed over five decades and six treaties in order to make exit from the EU near impossible. It is a Gordian Knot of a problem that requires an Alexandrian solution.
Article 50 is designed to put the EU in a strong position to pressurise the would-be, leaving nation into accepting their terms of exit. This detrimental dog’s breakfast is hardly likely to be what the electorate have in mind when they vote in a referendum to leave the EU. Once the decision has been made then it is better to deliver the Alexandrian blow rather than endlessly fiddle with the strands.
In this book senior UKIP MEP Gerard Batten shows how the sword should be wielded to cut the Gordian Knot.

Foreword by Professor Tim Congdon

1. Introduction
2. The Article 50 trap
3. The problem of ‘vested rights’
4. The legal basis of unconditional withdrawal
5. Historic precedents
6. The exit plan
7. The transitional period
8. Conclusion
Appendix: ‘GSP Plus’ list of international conventions

About the Author

Gerard Batten was a member of the Anti-Federalist League 1992-1993 and a founder member of the UK Independence Party in 1993. He was the Party’s European Election Organiser in 1994 and the first Party Secretary (1994-1997). He has served on the UKIP National Executive Committee at different times. He has fought eleven different election campaigns for the Party over the years.

He was elected as a Member of the European Parliament for London in 2004 and re-elected in 2009 and in 2014. He has written extensively on such subjects as Immigration, the Cost of the European Union, and the European Arrest Warranty and the creation of a European system of criminal law.

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Friday, 17 October 2014

new ebook - Tuathal Techtmar (Celtic Twilight Book 5)

Widely known as Tuathal Techtmar (the legitimate), the warrior prince TĂșathal occupies a special place in the murky twilight of early Irish history. He is one of the very earliest figures known by name who may have been a real person with a career not entirely different from that given to him by legend. Even if only half of the legend is true then Tuatha was a toweringly important figure in the history of Ireland.
According to legend, Tuatha was a royal prince who was driven into exile in Britain who came back with an army to make himself High King of Ireland. As High King, Tuatha instituted reforms and changes to the law that survived for centuries.
Historians have long dismissed Tuatha as a purely legendary figure, but in this ebook historian Roddy O’Farrell argues that he was a very real man indeed. Even if not everything recorded about him is literally factual there is no reason to deny that Tuatha existed. And in a very real sense, Tuatha created Ireland.

About the Author
Roddy O’Farrell’s grandfather was born on a farm in County Kerry back in the days when all of Ireland formed a part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. Like many of his generation poverty and oppression forced him to take the ship across the seas in search of a better life. Roddy learned about his Irish ancestry as a boy and became fascinated by the long, heroic and often tragic history of Ireland. He has made a special study of the island’s story.

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