Tuesday 22 November 2011

Interview with the author of "How to be a Successful Candidate"

A simple, step by step guide on how to be a winning election candidate by one of the best campaign managers in the business.   

After over 25 years of campaigning experience, Rupert Matthews has finally decided to tell all. Whether you are standing for local council, parliament or other elected office, this is the book for you.

From how to dress for the public to how to deal with the press, from how to write leaflets to how to organise a petition, Rupert covers all the basics of running a successful political campaign. He also includes easy to follow, step by step guidance to the legal minefield that is modern political campaigning. Rupert also spills the beans on the darker arts of campaigning, explaining the tricks and turns of the backroom boys that are essential to any winning candidate, but which rarely get talked about and are never acknowledged in public.

As Rupert says
“There is a world of difference between a candidate with a good message and one who actually gets elected to office. Always remember, you want to be ELECTED.”

About the Writer
Rupert Matthews is a former staffer at Conservative Central Office who has acted as a freelance campaign manager on parliamentary by elections. He has stood himself as a candidate at Council, Parliamentary and European elections. He is recognised by friends and foes alike as one of the most dynamic and innovative political campaign managers in the business.