Friday 30 May 2014

EBOOK - A Rather Strange Retirement: Running a School in England

EBOOK - A Rather Strange Retirement: Running a School in England

Author: Michael Evans
The book charts how in 1997 two early-retired head teachers acquired a recently closed school with the aim of fulfilling a long-held dream to establish a school of their own. Although having no business experience, their intention was to create a school and to run it in a way that they had always thought a school should be run.
It highlights some of the unforeseen initial problems and the school’s subsequent growth to become a highly respected feature of the Cambridge educational scene.
The book culminates with the owners’ “second retirement” after 13 years, following an approach and subsequent purchase of the school by major Cambridge Educational Foundation.

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Thursday 29 May 2014

EBOOK - A Pocket Book of Freedom

EBOOK -  A Pocket Book of Freedom

A compilation of the finest speechs by leading Euro-Sceptic and erstwhile “Maastricht Rebel” Christopher Gill.
Most people accept the importance of living in a land where the ‘rule of law’ is upheld but beyond that, who cares ?
Who cares who makes the law ? Who cares how the law is made; who administers it and, not least, upon what principles it is founded ?
These are fundamental questions that should concern us all because essentially they define whether we are living in a dictatorship or in a democracy.
The English common law with its range of defences and protections against State inspired coercion has ensured that, for centuries, we have been a truly ‘free’ people – until recently we could confidently say that it is the law that makes us free and it is the law that keeps us free.
This book, by addressing the questions posed above, seek to demonstrate the utter stupidity and irresponsibility of abandoning fundamental aspects of our common law, both in terms of its effect upon the freedom of the individual and not least, in terms of its effect upon the democracy we pride ourselves as living in.

About the Author
Christopher Gill RD is a politician in the United Kingdom, and a former member of the National Executive Committee of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP). He is also the current President of The Freedom Association (TFA). A former Conservative Party Member of Parliament, he was one of the Maastricht Rebels of the mid-1990s.

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Wednesday 28 May 2014

New Video - The Deadliest Weapons of World War I

Bretwalda author Andrew May has produced a video to publicise his ebook "The Deadliest Weapons of World War I".

NEW EBOOK - The Peninsular War

The Peninsular War was a savage war fought as part of the Napoleonic Wars that convulsed Europe for more than a decade. They saw set piece battles, guerrilla campaigns, sieges and every form of warfare known to the early 19th century.

The Peninsular War began when the citizens of Madrid rebelled against the rule of a new French king imposed on them by the French Emperor Napoleon. The fighting spread rapidly across Spain, drawing in more and more French forces. Meanwhile, Britain sent an army to aid her old ally Portugal in fighting the French. The British, Spanish and Portuguese armies joined together in a loose alliance against the French that saw almost as much friction between themselves as action against the French.

When British commander Arthur Wellesley (later the Duke of Wellington) arrived to take over the British army he set about forging good relations with his allies and began a cautious policy of advance and consolidate that not only drove the French out of the Iberian Peninsula but also established his reputation as one of history’s finest commanders.

Written by a military author of great experience, this book explains the way battles were fought two centuries ago and explains the course of the action in an accessible but authoritative style.

This lavishly illustrated ebook is a must for anyone interested in the Peninsular War. It includes profiles of the main commanders, analysis of tactics and weapons and detailed studies of the main battles as well as following the course of the war as a whole.

This book forms part of the Bretwalda Battles series which features numerous battles.

Chapter 1 - The Peninsular War in Outline
Chapter 2 - The Commanders :
Chapter 3 - Weapons, Soldiers and Tactics
Chapter 4 - The French Army
Chapter 5 - The Spanish Army
Chapter 6 - The British Army
Chapter 7 - The Portuguese Army
Chapter 8 - The Battles :

About the Author
Oliver Hayes is a military historian who has written extensively for books and magazines on different aspects of the military. He is now writing a series of books on the Peninsular War for Bretwalda Books.


Thursday 1 May 2014

First Ebook Sale of the Month - Leopardkill

Our first ebook sale this month was a copy of "Leopardkill". You can get your copy HERE

A thrilling war novel set against the dramatic backdrop of the Peninsular War that saw a small British force pitched against Napoleon’s Grande Armee.

It is Autumn 1808. The French army is gone from Portugal...except for one man. And what he has stolen is deadly secret.

Sergeant Joshua Lock and Captain the Honourable John Killen pursue the spy deep into Spain ahead of Sir John Moore’s British army - a force now ordered to fight the French alongside native troops. But instead of helping their new allies, the Spaniards seem to have turned against them.

Their quarry still free, Killen’s discovery of Lock’s affair with a fellow officer’s wife drives the childhood friends apart as savage winter storms grip the Galician mountains. With discipline breaking down, and Spain’s armies in disarray, every man must decide for himself - who is friend and who is foe? Should the outnumbered, starving British stand and fight, or run for the sea, and home?

Whilst unbeknown to the bickering allies, Bonaparte himself is storming through Spain with but a single destroy every ‘mangy English leopard.’

Meticulously researched to be historically and militarily accurate, this dashing novel of cavalrymen at war is written by an expert horseman.

About the Author
Jonathan Hopkins has worked in occupations as diverse as bulk tanker loader and kitchen designer, but since 2001 has fitted and repaired saddles professionally.
A lifelong horse-keeper and long term chair of an affiliated riding club close to his home in South Wales, his interest in the cavalrymen who served under the Duke of Wellington originally grew out of research into saddlery worn by troop horses, for which there are no surviving patterns.
Leopardkill is his second published novel.