Friday 12 November 2010

NEW BOOK- Grandma's Teddy Bear Club

Grandma’s Teddy Bear Club
A new book for grandparents looking after grandchildren

A new book aimed at helping grandparents entertain grandchildren has been produced by Barbara Hayes, a retired comic writer from the Amalgamated Press who worked on titles such as Look and Learn, Teddy Bear, Toybox and Bobo Bunny. The book has been released today by Bretwalda Books as a printed book and ebook.
The book contains stories to read out, games, pencil and paper activities and running about games to exhaust the little ones while the cunning grandparent sits comfortably on the sofa – all told by a master storyteller.
Characters in the book include Wake Up Early in the Morning Bear, Bossy Boots Bear, Nurse Bear, Kick the Bedclothes Off Bear and Scribbler Bear.
* Stories to read which are specially written to appeal to the young and very young age groups.
* Asides, questions and ideas to involve the child in the story — no passive listening here.
* Simple moving around activities to make a change from sitting reading.
* Simple crayon and paper fun aimed at all younger ages. If a child can hold a pencil - that is good enough to start joining in. And of course, older children will enjoy showing how skilled and clever they are.
Barbara Hayes says “I have made the stories and activities revolve around teddy bears and plain paper and crayons. This is because most households with children already have these things and no extra expense will be involved.
“Anyway that has told you something about the book. I hope you find it helpful — I do every Wednesday when I look after my youngest grandchild.”

The book is available from all good bookshops or from the publisher’s website

About the Author
Barbara Hayes has recently retired after a lifetime spent as a successful writer. She began in Fleet Street in the 1950s and over the years she has had some 80 books and 7300 scripts published. She has spent years researching folklore, ghosts, spooks, fairies and all manner of supernatural beings.  So she knows what she is talking about.

About the Book
Title:               Grandma’s Teddy Bear Club
Author            Barbara Hayes
ISBN                978-1-907791-06-2
Publisher       Bretwalda Books
Price               £4.99

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