Sunday 7 August 2011

"Sceptic at Large" launched in the USA

This week Roger Helmer MEP travelled to Washington to launch his book "Sceptic at Large", published by Bretwalda Books. 

Roger writes:
"On Tuesday April 3rd I was in Washington for a signing of my new book, “Sceptic at Large”, in an auditorium in the Margaret Thatcher Centre at the Heritage Foundation, courtesy of Senior EU Analyst Sally McNamara.
I have known Sally now for over a dozen years.  I first met her in early 1999, when I had been selected as a euro-candidate, but not yet elected.  She served as Press Officer to me and Chris Heaton-Harris, and then as my political researcher in Brussels.  In 2004 she went to Washington with the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).  In fact as I write I am at ALEC’s annual conference in New Orleans, where I went on after the Washington book-signing.
I am hugely grateful to Sally for giving me the opportunity to introduce my book in the USA — and extremely proud of the work she’s doing in Washington.  I plan to blog separately about her excellent report on the EU’s outrageous spending (of our money) on left-wing causes in the States.  I take considerable pride in the achievements of a number of my former staffers, and Sally is a prime example.
We had a turnout of seventy, which is good for that type of event.  They included diplomatic people, think-tankers (an excellent showing from the Competitive Enterprise Institute), and academics.  I have already blogged about the personal invitation I issued to the EU’s “Ambassador” to the USA, but so far as I could see no one from the EU delegation, nor from the representative office of the European parliament in Washington (yes, there is one, I’m afraid) was there.
Apparently the video technician, setting up the scene, had suggested that maybe there should be an EU flag to add to Old Glory and the Union Jack on the stage.  Of course I would have objected — but I was amused to learn that the Heritage Foundation simply hasn’t got an EU flag.   And quite right too!"

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