Tuesday 22 January 2013

The Boris Johnson Victory Party 2012

Just before midnight, Boris was declared the Mayor of London – again.
Boris delivered his acceptance speech, which was a version of his stump mixed in with some gracious observations about Ken (Boris even invited him to have a drink afterwards) and those Conservative London Assembly members who had lost their seats. Ken’s concession speech struck me as being typically graceless and undignified – blaming his defeat on media ‘smears’. He claimed this was his last election, but quite frankly I didn’t believe him. As we had found out only too well in the reams of research we conducted during the campaign, Ken has made a career of saying one thing and doing another (indeed, just weeks later he was elected to Labour's National Executive Committee).
Nevertheless, his speech was a shame. If this really was his last election, he should have gone out with the dignity of a statesman, not a bitter man.
We jumped into a cab and made our way to what we could now officially call the victory party in Millbank Tower, which overlooked the glittering lights of the city. The city we had re-captured. When we arrived, the atmosphere was strange. It was if we had arrived at a pub just after last orders had been called. People had been at the party since around 6pm and they were mostly very drunk and tired. Many had already gone home. By contrast, we were stone cold sober.
Boris arrived a few minutes later to a rapturous reception. I began the chant of “four more years”, which everyone picked up straight away. He waded his way through the admirers and up to the stage. The microphone didn’t work very well, so he had to shout to be heard – although by this stage his voice was hoarse. He did a re-hash of his speech the night before, and repeated his line about surviving the Budget and David Cameron’s endorsement. It got the same thundering laughter.
I shook his hand afterwards and he gave me a bear hug. I congratulated him on a job well done, and then he was swallowed back up into the crowd.
It was approaching 2am and the bar had shut. I said goodbye to Crosby and the remaining members of the campaign team and stepped into a cab with my wife Robyn and set off for home and a long, much needed sleep. A sleep safe in the knowledge that my job was done, and Ken Livingstone was never to return – at least for now.

Another behind the scenes exclusive from "Victory in London" by Alex Crowley - the insdie story of the Boris campaign

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13 Dec 2012
The inside story of the campaign to put Boris Johnson back into power as London Mayor told by one of the top members of his campaign team who was at Boris's side throughout. In 2012 the political stakes could not be higher. After one term in office and despite enjoying personal popularity, Boris Johnson faced an uphill battle for re-election as Mayor of London. Buffeted by Tory unpopularity, the toughest financial conditions in years and accusations that he was out of touch and Mayor, Boris faced the fight of his political life. And to top it all, he was up against Ken Livingstone, one of the most formidable and ruthless campaigners in British politics. This is the first and most authoritative book about Boris Johnson's re-election. Told by an insider, it will reveal the inner workings of the campaign and how one of the most high profile politicians in the country and his extraordinary team pulled off an election victory that was closer than anyone dared think. Based on an unprecedented level of access to all the key players, including Boris himself and campaign director Lynton Crosby, this is a must read for anyone interested in politics. * Launch Event at Conservative Party Conference. * High profile political bloggers will push the book * Sunday newspaper serialisation under negotiation Social Media * The book will be "Book of the Month" for Bretwalda for November 2012 which will involve an intensive FaceBook and Twitter push as well as the usual book launch marketing.

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