Wednesday 6 February 2013

NEW BOOK - Chronicles of the Coast

A mystical historical evocation for teenagers.

It is the tail-end of a scorching August, and Jamie is terribly unhappy – dreading returning to school in a few days, and the inevitable resumption of last term’s nightmare of bullying. Then one afternoon, while looking out wistfully over the sea at the easternmost edge of England, he encounters a mysterious stranger who reveals an awe-inspiring vision of the whole huge sweep of English history. Prehistoric hunters in forgotten forests, Romans in toppled towns, Saxon saints, Viking voyagers, medieval monks, charismatic Cavaliers, witch-burners, rioters, soldiers and a host of others come crowding back to colourful life to show Jamie his place in his own history and his value in the world.

About the Author

DEREK TURNER is the editor of the Quarterly Review, and the author of the novel Sea Changes. He has written for the Daily Mail, Sunday Telegraph, Times, Country Life, Literary Review, and many other journals in the United Kingdom and overseas, on British history, topography, travel, books and current affairs. He lives on the Lincolnshire coast.

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