Tuesday, 10 September 2013

About Dr Lee Rotherham - The Author

About the Author
Dr Lee Rotherham is a prominent Eurosceptic campaigner, having once stood in a lake for a photoshoot with an Estonian beauty queen. It was Baltic. Born in St Helens and growing up in Lincolnshire, he is a Woollyback Yellowbelly, a condition at permanent risk of attracting film crews despatched by David Attenborough.
His eclectic career to date has predominantly involved politics and writing, though has also teetered on the edge of narcotics (combatting), heritage (supporting), teaching (shouting), and student farming (agricultural labour as a student, not watering them). He has advised a large number of prominent Conservative politicians, mostly on EU things, which is just about everything these days.
He is a keen traveller who especially enjoys visiting historic locations off the beaten trail. From Borley to Broc√©liande and Pilleth to Popham, old bones and mud feature disproportionately in his holiday plans. In addition to having randomly encountered scores of defunct saints over the years, he once got within a hundred feet of the Ark of the Covenant in Aksum, but didn’t fancy his chances sprinting the rest pursued by a religious mob. Despite having a picture of a French Canadian nun that had been blessed to protect its wielder from fire, he also wasn’t too sure about that scene at the end of the Indiana Jones film where everyone’s faces melted: a rare concession to Health and Safety.
His TA service has seen him on a solo armed foray to the streets of ancient Ur, cracked a rib in the Desert of Death in Afghanistan, and was also marginally misspent touring Roman farmhouses outside of Pompeii while reflecting on what to do next about Mr Ghadaffi. Though preferring to employ jedi mind techniques on insurgents (a process known as psychological operations, which may include the offer of tea), he is also a qualified Marksman with the United States Army’s M240 machine gun, though turned down an offer of looking after some hand grenades once for communal well-being.
From his school days he remains a 14th level Paladin, and is a member of New Brunswick’s Order of Good Cheer – a freemasonry for drinkers. 

from "A Fate Worse than Debt"

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As the UK talks of cuts and austerity, this book explores for beginners the true scale of our financial problems, and some of the controversies behind modern spending. Warning: do not read if you suffer from high blood pressure, or lack a sense of humour in a crisis. Among the questions answered are: What is the difference between Deficit and Debt? How much does the United Kingdom Government really owe? Who is Scotland's forgotten debt genius? How big could you build a new Hadrian's Wall from Pound coins paid out of Britain's debt? Why was Britain's first civil war two thousand years ago triggered by debt repayments? How did WW2 US airmen unexpectedly help bail out Britain's war effort? What was the Geddes Axe, and how far did it swing? What can a wombat's posterior warn us of? How big is our creek today and is there a paddle? Launched to coincide with the Coalition Government's "make or break" 2013 Budget, this book puts the country's financial problems firmly under the microscope. It explains what is going on and why in terms the layman can understand - and will find absolutely terrifying. Possibly the most important book about government you will ever read.

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