Friday 31 March 2017

Jack the Ripper's London

Our new book and ebook in the "Walks through London" series is now out.

This book guides the reader on a 5 mile walk around Whitechapel and nearby areas of the East End of London linked to Jack the Ripper.
The walk takes in all the key sites associated with Jack the Ripper in chronological order. Unlike other books and guided walks, this guide includes important sites such as the building where the coroner's hearings were held, the police stations and the homes of two of the suspects that the police had their eyes on back in 1888. The text also gives the background to the killings, details of the crimes - and reveals the identity of the man who the author believes was the killer.
This series of books is aimed at those who love London and want to find out more about our wonderful city and its history.  Each walk concentrates on a particular person, theme or period of history with special meaning for London.
We have tried to make these walks as inclusive as possible. We have therefore made sure that each walk covers ground that is suitable for buggies so that parents can take young children along, and for motorised wheelchairs or mobility scooters for those who use these vehicles. We also want to include dog owners, so we include cafes and pubs that welcome our four-legged walking companions. Similarly we mention those which are child-friendly and those with disabled toilets and step-free access.
Oh, and take care as this is central London. Watch out for traffic when crossing roads and always use pedestrian crossings when these are available.
Anyway, that is enough technical guff. Time to get on with the story of one of the London's most sinister and murderous villains: Jack the Ripper.

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