Friday 29 October 2010

“How the Steam Railways Came to Surrey” New Book Released Today

A thrilling new book about the Steam Railways, written by Surrey author Rupert Matthews, has been released today by Bretwalda Books as a printed book and ebook together with a video on YouTube. 

The book is a fascinating account of how the railways came to Surrey and the impact they had on the people who lived in the county 
The book the great days of the steam railways in the county. It shows how and why the lines were built, giving an account of the people who laid the lines and built the stations. The text explains how the steam railway system worked: the signals, the turntables, up and down platforms, taking on water, the carriages and engines. Also looked at are the people who worked on the railway: the engine drivers, the firemen, the signalmen, the porters, the ticket inspectors, the maintenance men, the cleaners and so forth.
The book also deals with the ways in which the railway changed the people and landscapes of Surrey with excursions, population growth and changes, new industries and the decline of old trades. It is designed to appeal to a wide readership interested in the days of steam.
Author Rupert Matthews says “I was thrilled to write this book as it brought back so many memories of my childhood. Igrew up in a house overlooking the Southampton mainline and can recal the days when our local station had a full time stationmaster who announced each train as it arrived, tended the flowerbeds and kept everything spick and spaon. In this book I explore how the railways came to Surrey, why they follow the routes they do and look at some of the key people involved in the history of our county railways.”

Watch the VIDEO HERE

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