Tuesday 12 October 2010

The true identity of St George is revealed in “On the Trail of the Real St George”

New Book Released Today

Dragon-slayer, English hero, martyr, warrior, soldier and saint — St George has been all these things. But who was the real St George? The truth is finally revealed in a thrilling new book about our national saint, written by English author Rupert Matthews, has been released today by Bretwalda Books as a printed book and ebook together with a video on YouTube. 
Watch the video HERE
St George is one of the most instantly recognisable saints who has ever existed. His bold red cross on a white background waves from football terraces wherever England play, flutters from cars and flies proudly from English flagpoles everywhere. And yet surprisingly few people are aware of where he has come from, how he developed and what has made him what he is today.
In this book, the truth behind the legend is finally revealed. Was there really a dragon? How did St George get his red cross? Why is he England’s patron saint? Why do so many people think he was a bacon salesman?
Author Rupert Matthews says “As an Englishman I have long been fascinated by the obscure origins of our national saint. Nowhere could I find out much about him. Now, after much research delving into ancient folklore and little-known writings, I am confident that I have found the true origins of our national saint. And even I was surprised by what I found. I was thrilled to write this book as it has allowed me to unravel the historic mysteries surrounding St George. I have been able to disprove some of the misinformation spread about our national saint in recent years and to restore him to his rightful place.”
About the Author
Rupert Matthews has written over 150 books for different publishers, achieving significant sales in a variety of markets both in the UK and abroad. His works have been translated into 19 languages and have been shortlisted for a number of awards. Rupert has been a freelance writer for 20 years, working in-house at a major book publisher before going freelance.

 About the Book
Title:               On the Trail of the Real St George
Author            Rupert Matthews
ISBN                978-1-907791-05-5
Publisher       Bretwalda Books
Price               £4.99

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