Wednesday 20 July 2011

Cornelia - NEW NOVEL out now on Kindle

Can First Love ever by True Love?

A thrilling romance set in Roman Britain that takes the young adult reader to the passionate, turbulent and violent heart of Imperial Rome.

Can First Love ever by True Love?

Born into wealth and comfort as the daughter of a wealthy farmer in Roman Britain, Cornelia has everything that a girl could want. But on the passing of her 16th birthday, Cornelia learns that her parents have arranged for her to marry the son of a local landowner. When handsome army officer Marcus appears in her life, Cornelia finds her world turned upside down.

But happiness turns to despair when Marcus and his regiment are posted back to Rome. Determined to follow her new love to find happiness, Cornelia gathers what little money she has and sets out alone for the great Imperial capital of Rome. In the course of her long journey she will meet adventures and dangers in plenty.

But above all she must answer a burning question: Can first love ever be true love? And she finds the answer in a most unexpected place.

The book has been carefully researched to provide an accurate and convincing portrayal of Britain as it was in the mid-2nd century when the Roman Empire was at its most powerful, prosperous and secure.

About the Author
Jane Jones lives in a rural village in Surrey, near to where the novel opens - but some 1800 years later.

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