Saturday 30 July 2011

Para News reviewed by top US conspiracy author

Conspiracy author Kenn Thomas has given Para-News a 5 star rating and a good review on Amazon US.

Kenn Thomas writes:
We simply cannot have enough writers like Richard Thomas. As this book demonstrates, Thomas keeps tabs on the "para" world. His interest in the paranormal is Fortean--not just cataloging all the strange critters that science denies exists but putting them in the context deliberately defiant of that denial. And he understands the link to the parapolitical, that is the conspiracy "theorists", in reality the students of things that do not neatly fit into the standard political paradigm, things like assassinations, cover ups and real conspiracies. He does this through interviews with many of the more interesting personalities putting forth such "theories", including the prolific and formidable Nick Redfern and Richard Dolan, the great documentarian of the national security state. The reader cpmes away with the hope that Thomas produces more volumes of Para News, and that he keeps up with his blog work and newspaper reporting. There's a lot to cover...

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