Thursday, 25 October 2012

The Distinguished Flying Cross

Gibson won his Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC) in July 1941, being awarded the bar the following year. During the war 20,354 RAF officers were awarded the DFC, with 1,550 being awarded the bar. The horizontal bars of the cross are composed of wings, the upright bars are the blades of a propeller.

from "Guy Gibson vc" by John Fareham

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Book Description

28 Mar 2012 Heroes of the RAF
Thrilling biography of the man who led the Dambusters Raid. Guy Gibson was chosen to lead the great Dambusters Raid of 1943 as he had already proven himself to be a skilled pilot and a magnificent leader of men. Having joined the RAF in 1936, Gibson was a bomber pilot when war broke out. He won a DFC in July 1940 then, having completed a tour of operations volunteered for Fighter Command and flew nightfighters on 99 sorites during which he was awarded a bar to his DFC and the DSO. He then returned to Bomber Command and flew 46 more missions before being chosen to form and command No.617 Squadron for the Dambusters Raid. After a period off operations, Gibson returned to Bomber Command to act as a Pathfinder. He was killed on one such raid in September 1944. This book looks at the life and career of the man who led the most famous bombing raid of World War II. It is a gripping account of his life and exploits, revealing new and little known facts about Guy Gibson for the first time

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