Friday 4 April 2014

Consumer Prices & the EU

Consumer Prices & the EU
Consumer prices have been driven up by EU membership, particularly energy bills through excessive environmental targets and the need to rebuild the UK National Grid and the majority of power stations, and by heavy subsidies to ineffective wind turbines. Above all, the costly EU emissions trading scheme costs families £117 per year. 
Food prices are increased through requirements to take in expensive French agricultural produce and by the undermining of British farming. The cost of excessive red tape also feeds through to consumer prices across the board, and a reduction in red tape will bring price cuts over time.
Under the EEA Lite agreement, the UK will be free to opt into the Consumer Programme in order to help protect the British consumer. 

Time to Jump
A Positive Vision of a Britain Out of the EU and In EEA Lite
David Campbell Bannerman MEP

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