Saturday 7 June 2014

Binnal of America blogpost by Bretwalda author Richard Thomas

Binnal of America blogpost by Bretwalda author Richard Thomas

The Betty Hill Star Map

On the night of 19/20 September, 1961, on their way home to Portsmouth, New Hampshire from a short break in Canada, something happened to Betty and Barney Hill that began a new controversy in UFO research that continues even today. While modern polls show that as many as four million Americans could believe they might have been abducted by aliens, back in 1966 when the first book detailing the Hill case The Interrupted Journey was first published, the New England couple’s claims of alien contact were almost unheard of. There had been the famous Contactees of the 1950s, men and women who claimed they had been visited by the human looking occupants of flying saucers with warnings about nuclear war and environmental concerns. But the experiences of the Hills were completely different, reporting beings that were obviously not human, and had no such messages.
Instead under hypothesis the Hill’s told of how they were kidnapped and experimented on by short humanoid beings aboard a “cigar shaped ” craft that had pursued the couple that September night as they traveled home on Route 3 between Lancaster and Concord. The alien abduction phenomenon was born.
There are two major explanations often given to explain the Hills’ recollections under hypnosis. The first offered by some...

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