Monday 9 June 2014

NEW EBOOK - The Siege of Ciudad Rodrigo (Bretwalda Battles)

NEW EBOOK -  The Siege of Ciudad Rodrigo (Bretwalda Battles)

The Siege of Ciudad Rodrigo was a savage affair, fought as part of the Peninsular War that pitched Britain’s Duke of Wellington against Napoleon’s French Marshals.

The fortress city of Ciudad Rodgrio blocked the route that Wellington wished to use to march his combined British-Portuguese Army into Spain and start the liberation of that country from French occupation. If his invasion was to succeed he needed to take the city - but it’s defences were among the strongest and most modern in Europe.

As Wellington settled down to the slow business of siege warfare he learned that a French relief army was on its way. If he was to take the city he would have to do so quickly - and that meant a storm. The scene was set for one of the classic siege operations of the Napoleonic Wars.

Written by a military author of great experience, this book explains the way battles were fought two centuries ago and explains the course of the action in an accessible but authoritative style.

This lavishly illustrated ebook is a must for anyone interested in the Peninsular War. It includes profiles of the commanders, analysis of tactics and weapons and an outline of the Peninsular War as well as following the course of the siege.

This book forms part of the Bretwalda Battles series which features numerous battles.

Chapter 1 - The Peninsular War
Chapter 2 - The Commanders
Chapter 3 - Weapons, Soldiers and Tactics
Chapter 4 - The French Army
Chapter 5 - The British Army
Chapter 6 - The Portuguese Army
Chapter 7 - The Siege
Epilogue - After the Battle

About the Author
Oliver Hayes is a military historian who has written extensively for books and magazines on different aspects of the military. He is now writing a series of books on the Peninsular War for Bretwalda Books.


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