Friday 13 March 2015

NEW EBOOK - The Discerning Mercenary's Guide to the 100 Years War

NEW EBOOK - The Discerning Mercenary's Guide to the 100 Years War

The Past, as they say, is Another Country. Now there is a guide book to Britain and France as they were during The Hundred Years War of 1337-1453. Technically that is 116 years, but that’s history for you.
Written by Dr Lee Rotherham this book tells the modern reader everything they would need to know when visiting this war torn period of our past some 600 years ago.
Written as if it were a guide book to be used by a visiting medieval tourist, and illustrated, this book is the essential guidebook to The Hundred Years War.
You will learn the difference between Armagnac and Burgundy (the people not the drinks), get to decide if Joan of Arc is God’s lieutenant on Earth (the French view) or a crazed cross-dresser (the English view), view the glories of Rheims, meet the last Prince of the Welsh, have a chat with the first man to speak modern English and learn the best way to avoid the plague like, err, the plague.
So this handbook is part survival guide, part tome to assist in cultural acclimatisation, part aide-memoire to help manage expectations in what remains a pretty vicious period of our past.

About the Author

Dr Lee Rotherham is author of the previous titles in this series “The Discerning Barbarian’s Guide to Roman Britain” and ““The Discerning Gentleman’s Guidebook to Britain’s American Colonies - 1770s Edition”.

Lee is an historian, political consultant, and writer with a distant background in mediaeval French and Occitan. His interest in the Hundred Years’ War was first piqued during breaks from teaching English in France, spent driving around the castles and battlefields of the Loire in an absurdly green Renault 6.
A part-time soldier, his military incursions have since led him to reconnoitring Iraq’s archaeological sites in a helicopter, pondering over ancient forts in the Afghan desert, and stomping through undergrowth in the retirement town of Scipio Africanus. When not worrying about the national debt or researching arcana about the activities of the European Union (of which there are, sadly, many), he spends his free time wondering where to store a troublingly large photo collection.

Chapter 1 An Introduction for Mediaeval Tourists
Chapter 2 Planning Your Visit
Chapter 3 Information for Business Visitors
Chapter 4 The War Itself
Chapter 5 Meet and Greet
Chapter 6 Where to Visit
Chapter 7 1453 and All that
Further Study
About the Author

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