Tuesday 17 March 2015

Nicky Morgan MP and “The Civil War in Loughborough” New Book Released Today

Nicky Morgan MP and
“The Civil War in Loughborough”
New Book Released Today
Loughborough MP, Nicky Morgan, has written a children's activity non-fiction book about Loughborough during the Civil War, published today.
It is time to explore the past with this fantastically fun “cut out and play” title packed with amazing facts, fun activities, cut-out characters to colour in, puzzles and more interesting information than you can shake a stick at.
With a bold and accessible look, this title allows younger readers to discover why holding a match at night was a really bad idea, how spending a penny could get you thrown in prison and what to do if you met a man named Praise God Barebone.
Fun, informative and educational, this is how to get children interested in history.

About the Author
Rt Hon Nicola Morgan MP is Member of Parliament for Loughborough and was fascinated to learn that her constituency played such a significant role in the English Civil War - with a battle being fought almost on her own doorstep
Note to Editor : Author Nicky Morgan is available for interview through Editorial Director Rupert Matthews on 07721 455944.

Attached photos show:
1) The Book cover
2) Author Mrs Nicky Morgan MP
3) Artworks from the book
NB Other photos are available on request

About the Book
Title:               The Civil War in Loughborough
Author            Rt Hon Nicola Morgan MP
ISBN                978-1-910440-28-5
Publisher       Bretwalda Books
Price               £4.99

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