Wednesday 1 August 2012

Reduced Price now - Grandma's Teddy Bear Club

For a limited time only you can purchase Grandma's Teddy Bear Club at a reduced price.

Paperback only £3.99 - BUY IT HERE
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About the Book

A fun reading and activity book for those who look after young and very young relatives while Mummy and Daddy are out at work.

Dear Grandmas, Grandpas, Mummies, Daddies, Aunties and Uncles,
This book is intended to help you fill the long hours when you are looking after your little grandchildren, children, nieces or nephews. There are:
* Stories to read which are specially written to appeal to the young and very young age groups.
* Asides, questions and ideas to involve the child in the story — no passive listening here.
* Simple moving around activities to make a change from sitting reading.
* Simple crayon and paper fun aimed at all younger ages. If a child can hold a pencil - that is good enough to start joining in. And of course, older children will enjoy showing how skilled and clever they are.
I have made the stories and activities revolve around teddy bears and plain paper and crayons. This is because most households with children already have these things and no extra expense will be involved.
Anyway that has told you something about the book. I hope you find it helpful — I do every Wednesday when I look after my youngest grandchild.

About the Writer
Barbara Hayes was born in Watford, went to the local grammar school, where she became head girl - a sort of Bossy Boots. Barbara found a career in children’s comics and for several years she wrote all the stories in Teddy Bear Weekly for the Amalgamated Press. She also wrote stories for other comics and books - many of them about teddy bears. Barbara is now a widow, but she is lucky that her children and grandchildren live within a few miles and she sees them often. And of course the youngest grandchild loves to hear the stories from the Teddy Bear Club.

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