Friday, 25 October 2013

The Further Letters from Britain of Paddy Panda

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Product Description

Letters explaining English as it is spoken in England, how to behave correctly in England, knowledge you will need when visiting or working in England - or even just speaking to English people. A “value-added” concept in English as a foreign language.

Paddy Panda is a cuddly toy living in England with his owner John Smith. He has never been to China, but longs to know more about that land because that is where Pandas come from. Meanwhile by listening to John Smith and his family and teenage friends, Paddy is learning all he can about England - or as he soon learns - Britain.
Paddy has written a series of letters explaining what he has learned and is learning about life in England. He hopes the letters will help students learning English or visiting England.

Paddy strives to be grammatically correct and usually is, but he also writes in colloquial English as spoken in polite society of course. Knowing some colloquial English will be very useful to students of English when they speak to actual English people.

Thus by reading Paddy Panda’s letters you will start to learn what you need to know when visiting England taking a trip to London or speaking with English people on business or on holiday.
Paddy also explains a bit about British history and British culture as it is viewed by British people.

Whether you work in a hotel used by British people, go to Britain on holiday or do business with British companies, Paddy Panda is for you.

And they are quite fun stories as well! Like English people, Paddy does like a laugh.

About the Author
Barbara Hayes worked on the editorial staff and spent many years writing stories and picture strip scripts for the Amalgamated Press, later Fleetway Publications and subsequently part of the Daily Mirror IPC publishing group.
Over the years she has had some 80 books and about 7300 scripts published by companies from England to Australia to South Africa to Florida and back to Holland.
She knows all about correct written English, colloquial English and grammar. She is also a fount of knowledge on polite behaviour and how to behave properly.

The Ninth Letter from Paddy Panda - About the English
The Tenth Letter from Paddy Panda - About Pantomimes
The Eleventh Letter from Paddy Panda - About the Silk Road
The Twelfth Letter from Paddy Panda - About London
The Thirteenth Letter from Paddy Panda - About Sir Francis Drake
The Fourteenth Letter from Paddy Panda - About the British Empire
The Fifteenth Letter from Paddy Panda - About Pubs

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