Friday 3 January 2014

NEW BOOK - The Inglorious Revolution by Gerard Batten MEP

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How membership of the European Union has subverted the English Constitution and how the people can set themselves free.
In this readable and accessible book, leading UKIP politician Gerard Batten looks at the constitutional issues surrounding Britain’s membership of the European Union. With an increasing number of politicians calling for a referendum on EU membership, Batten sketches in the background to the issue and explains the legal and constitutional steps necessary for Britain to leave the European Union.
And it is not as simple as many make it seem.
By careful reference to historical and legal precedents, Batten explains the way in which the European Union has established a grip on the constitution of Britain. He gives examples of how British authorities have been outflanked by the EU bureaucrats, bending British constitutional law to suit the mandarins in Brussels.
Finally Batten explains the constitutional path to freedom from the EU, and the pitfalls that lie by the way.
Although dealing with a serious subject and at times straying into the densest thickets of obscure constitutional law, Batten manages to explain everything in a clear and easily understood way.
“An easy to understand handbook on the quest for national freedom.”


Part I. Constitution

• Britain does have a written Constitution
• The Common Law Constitution
• The Rule of Law
• Misunderstanding of Sovereignty
• Government by Consent
• The High Court of Parliament
• Sovereignty in the English Constitution
• The Great Charters
• Lex legum and passing conventions

Part II. Revolution

• The Fall of Parliament
• EU’s ‘New Legal Order’
• EU Citizenship and the Abolition of Monarchy
• European Communities Act 1972
• The Case of the Metric Martyrs
• The Rule of Nonsense
• European Arrest Warrant and Habeas Corpus
• Human Rights Act 1998
• ‘Independent and Upright’?
• We live in an illegally constituted state

Part III. Restoration

• The Legal Solution.
• Appeal to the Sovereign
• Democratic Solution

• Appendix I Treason Charges Against Government Ministers

About the Author
Gerard Batten is a Member of the European Parliament for the United Kingdom Independent Party (UKIP), representing London. He sits on the party’s national executive and is recognised as one of the most senior members of the party. Pavel Stroilov is a Russian journalist, historian and political exile living in London. He has smuggled secret Soviet documents to the West and was granted political asylum in London.

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