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Bretwalda Writer Richard Thomas Asks: Can Aliens Control Your Dreams?

Bretwalda Writer Richard Thomas Asks: Can Aliens Control Your Dreams?

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Director James Cameron has said in interviews that the idea for the first Terminator film came to him during a fever dream, when his subconscious came up with the image of a chrome torso emerging from an explosion, dragging itself across the floor with kitchen knives.

In The Making of The Terminator - A Retrospective documentary the film maker added: "Terminator was an idea I had when I was in Rome. I was sitting around my hotel room. I was sick at the time. I had a real high fever. I was just lying on the bed thinking, and came up with all this bizarre imagery. I think also the idea, because I was in a foreign city by myself.

"I felt very dissociated from humanity in general, it was easy to project myself into these two characters from the future, who were out of sync, out of time, out of place, that sort of thing. I’d always wanted to do some sort of really definitive robot story. Cause it had really never been done."

Was this "bizarre imagery" Cameron talked about really just brought on by a normal fever, or did someone or something want the director to make his "definitive robot story"?

In another science fiction film that played with the idea of robots, Blade Runner, the protagonist Rick Deckard portrayed by Harrison Ford has a peculiar dream about a unicorn. While it is never fully explained in the script what Deckard's unicorn dream means; in the final scene of the Director's Cut Deckard finds an origami unicorn made by his mysterious superior Gaff.

According to Ridley Scott in the documentary On The Edge of Blade Runner, the reason why Gaff knows what Deckard has been dreaming about is because the dream is a memory implant created by the Tyrel Corporation. So is it possible that in the real world somebody could control our dreams, much in the same way the Tyrel Corporation implant Deckard's unicorn dream in Blade Runner?

The idea that dreams can be controlled or implanted by others goes right back to the Bible; where God uses dreams to communicate with mankind. In Genesis 41, after being sold into slavery by his jealous brothers, Joseph (son of Jacob) rises to become the second most powerful man in Egypt after correctly interpreting the dreams of the Pharaoh:

Then Joseph said to Pharaoh, “The dreams of Pharaoh are one and the same. God has revealed to Pharaoh what he is about to do. The seven good cows are seven years, and the seven good heads of grain are seven years; it is one and the same dream. The seven lean, ugly cows came up afterward are seven years, and so are the seven worthless heads of grain scorched by the east wind: They are seven years of famine.

There are also other examples of God using dreams to communicate with humans in the Bible. In Matthew 1 another Joseph decides not to divorce his wife Mary after being visited by an angel in a dream.

But while he thought on these things, behold, the angel of the Lord appeared unto him in a dream, saying, Joseph, thou son of David, fear not to take unto thee Mary thy wife: for that which is conceived in her is of the Holy Ghost. 

Ancient astronaut theorists believe that aliens visiting Earth thousands of years ago were misinterpreted resulting in the God of the Bible; is it possible then that aliens been influencing human history for thousands of years by controlling the unconsciousness human mind?

Certainly dreams have had a massive impact on human history. Adolf Hitler reportedly had a dream that saved his life. During the First World War he was asleep in his trench when he dreamed of himself and his fellow soldiers being engulfed by earth and molten metal.

He awoke and left the trench. Whilst he was away the trench was hit by a shell and the other soldiers were all killed. If it wasn't for Hitler's mysterious nightmare then the Second World War would have probably not have taken place; but dreams have had a more positive impact on human development too.

Albert Einstein's theory of relativity was inspired by a dream in which he was going down a mountainside ever faster, watching the appearance of the stars change as he approached the speed of light.

And at the Ted 2005 conference Nobel laureate James Watson, co-discoverer of the structure of DNA, reported stumbling upon the double helix image for the DNA chain through his dream of a spiral staircase. Classic novels including Dracula, Frankenstein, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and more recently the Twilight series, were all inspired by dreams also.

The idea that aliens or anyone else can control dreams might sound like science fiction, but there is a state called lucid dreaming where people realise they are dreaming and are able to control their dream. In 2012 it was reported that scientists were developing a special sleep mask that helped the wearer control their dream:

“Quite possibly the hardest thing about lucid dreaming is recognizing your control over a dream state, which is akin to reconfiguring the way you’ve dreamed your entire life. With Remee, a series of flashing red lights on your sleep mask will appear within your dreams, reminding you that you’re in a dream state. Once those stimuli are acknowledged and understood, a user can begin lucid dreaming as they say see fit. From person to person, lucid dreaming can be a great many things -- a means to fly, teleport or meet famous people.” (

While the ability to implant or control someone else's dreams has not been developed yet, at least in public, in July 2013 scientist did announce that they had implanted memories in mice:

Tinkering with the brains of mice, scientists have given the rodents memories of events that never occurred.

“The researchers used a technique that involves activating neurons with light to train mice to "remember" a painful experience in a completely different context from that in which they experienced the pain. The false memories were encoded by brain cells in the same way as real memories are sealed in.” (

Abductees, people who believe they have been abducted by aliens, have reported communicating telepathically with the short grey skinned beings they have encountered. Perhaps aliens use their psychic powers to implant dreams just as they seem to be able to create "screen" or fake memories in abductees.

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