Wednesday 13 August 2014

Enter Tim Aker

The good news from the polls were followed in June by the appointment of Tim Aker as “Head of Policy”. This was a role that, in my opinion,  UKIP had long needed. While the main thrust of our commonsense policies was always clear, the detail was sometimes muddled. Policy statements were sometimes made in reaction to some news item and while there was nothing wrong with them, they were occasionally inconsistent with other policies, or lacked a coherent overall drive. Someone was needed to see the big picture. Now we had Tim.
When he was appointed, Tim said “I am delighted to come on board as Head of the UKIP Policy Unit at a time when the party is growing at an incredible rate.  We are seeing talented people join the party and contribute to our policy platform. I’m looking forward to coordinating these and ensuring we have a full, common sense manifesto to show the Great British Public that they don’t have to settle for the old parties. UKIP is now the voice of opposition on Councils up and down the country and I will do my best to make sure we will win the arguments and break into Westminster.”
I did not hear him speak until our conference in September 2013 when I was perched high up in Methodist Central Hall, and Tim was striding the stage as if he belonged there. I was impressed. Since then there has been a definite improvement in our overall strategic policies and the way the minutiae tie up with each other.
Tim had previously been with the “Get Britain Out” campaign and with the Taxpayer’s Alliance as well as the Freedom Association, so he came to  UKIP with a sound track record as a right of centre campaigner and activist with a firm commitment to Brexit. 

from "The Rise of UKIP" by Bill Etheridge MEP

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