Monday, 8 September 2014

Bretwalda Artist featured at Edinburgh Tattoo

Leanne Goodall, an artist who works with Bretwalda Books on a number of projects, has had her work featured at the Edinburgh Tattoo.
A brief was given for 20 students to design digital images for projection onto the walls of Edinburgh Castle. The illustrations deemed to be most suitable will be integrated into designs set to be projected onto the castle’s 260ft by 280ft “canvas” and used as theatrical backdrops during this summer’s event.
The former Oban High School pupil was inspired to participate in the project after being shown student designs from last year’s event.
She said: “The Edinburgh Military Tattoo is something I’ve always loved and 2014 will be the third time I’ve attended the event. I’m really looking forward to seeing my designs on the castle and it will more than likely bring a tear to my eye.”
The aspiring film animator added: “I love bringing my artwork to life – especially when there is a good story behind it that might inspire others. I think this experience will help me towards obtaining a career in the industry as I’ve learnt a lot of new skills and feel that the sky is the limit.”
The partnership between the tattoo and the college made a successful debut last year. As this year’s tattoo will follow a theme of Homecoming and the Commonwealth, the students were tasked with creating images to reflect the range of performance groups from participating countries.
College lecturer Dianne Barry said: “It’s been a huge motivation for the students. This is delivering a real-life experience for them. It’s as close as you can get to working with a design studio, with a tight deadline, complex brief, and demanding client.
Chief executive and producer of the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo, Brigadier David Allfrey, is delighted with the results of the event’s collaboration between two of Scotland’s leading institutions. He said: “The Tattoo is not only an extraordinary show but it is also a national showcase.”


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