Friday 27 February 2015

NEW EBOOK - The Battle of Sedgemoor

NEW EBOOK - The Battle of Sedgemoor
The bloody Battle of Sedgemoor ended the Monmouth Rebellion, and for ever put paid to the idea that untrained rebels could defeat professional royal troops.
In 1685 England’s popular “Merry Monarch” Charles II to be replaced by his stern and unpopular brother James II. As James’s regime ran into difficulties, Charles II’s illegitimate son James, Duke of Monmouth suddenly announced that - contrary to what everyone had long believed - his parents had actually been married. This made him not only legitimate, but also the true King of England. Landing in Dorset, Monmouth marched inland raising men and money - though many doubted his claims to legitimacy. The Monmouth forces met those of King James at Sedgemoor in Somerset in what was to prove to be not only a bloody and decisive struggle, but also the last pitched battle to be fought on English soil.
This book follows the standard pattern set by others in the Bretwalda Battles series. The reasons for and course of the war in question are outlined, then detailed analyses of weapons, tactics and strategies are given with particular reference to this battle. The course of the battles then followed, with comment on what there is to see at the site today. Short biographies of the commanders are also given. The aftermath of the battle, its effects and importance to the progress of the war are then described.

Introduction: England’s last significant battle
Chapter 1 - Somerset
Chapter 2 - James and Monmouth
Chapter 3 - The Other Commanders
Chapter 4 - The Background
Chapter 5 - The Battle of Sedgemoor
Chapter 6 - The Consequences

About the Author
Stephen Lark is a historian of the Royal Family and its complicated family trees of the 15th to 17th centuries. He has long been fascinated by the Monmouth Rebellion, but has not previously had the chance to visit Sedgemoor. Now he has finally had the time to research the battle and the events around, discovering many little known facts that he presents here for the first time.

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