Wednesday 11 February 2015

NEW EBOOK - The Siege of Canon Frome 1645

NEW EBOOK -  The Siege of Canon Frome 1645

The village of Canon Frome nestles among the rolling hills of Herefordshire. Today it is a quiet, rural place, but in 1645 bloody war came here as Roundhead faced Cavalier in a brutal struggle that left the land strewn with the dead and maimed.
The siege of the manor housewas one of the final clashes of the English Civil War, taking place soon after King Charles lost the key Battle of Naseby. The defending Royalists had been occupying the manor house for over two years by the time the army of David Leslie, Earl of Leven, arrived to take it from then. What followed was one of the most savage sieges fought during the English Civil War.
This book brings an exciting new look to the English Civil War. The course of the campaign is given, but the emphasis is on the Battle itself and the men who fought there. There are analyses of weapons, tactics and strategies, and a study of the commanders. The course of the battle is followed with explanation of how it relates to the ground today. The aftermath of the battle, its effects and importance to the progress of the war are then described.
The “Bretwalda Battles” series has been running with increasing success as printed books and as ebooks for five years.

Chapter 1 - Canon Frome
Chapter 2 - The English Civil War
Chapter 3 - The Commanders at Canon Frome
Chapter 4 - The Siege of Canon Frome
Chapter 5 - Aftermath
Chapter 6 - The Battlefield Today

About the Author
Leonard James is an author of military books. He comes from a military family that has fought in every major war since at least the Crimean War, and probably before that. His forebears were mostly cavalrymen, though his father served in the RAF. Leonard has made a particular study of battlefields in Britain, walking over dozens of them to get an eye for ground. He has also handled genuine and replica weapons to better understand the use of pre-modern weapons and the men who wielded them.

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