Friday 28 December 2012

Boris Johnson, Lynton Crosby and the top campaign team digest the latest opinion poll results

Boris Johnson, Lynton Crosby and the top campaign team digest the latest opinion poll results in the run up to the 2012 London Mayoral Elections. Yet another behind the scenes glimpse from "Victory in London" by Alex Crowley.

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Product Description

The inside story of the campaign by Lynton Crosby to put Boris Johnson back into power as London Mayor told by one of the top members of his campaign team who was at Borisʼs side throughout.
In 2012 the political stakes could not be higher. After one term in office and despite enjoying personal popularity, Boris Johnson faced an uphill battle for re-election as Mayor of London. Buffeted by Tory unpopularity, the toughest financial conditions in years and accusations that he was out of touch and a ʻdo-nothingʼ Mayor, Boris faced the fight of his political life.
And to top it all, he was up against Ken Livingstone, one of the most formidable and ruthless campaigners in British politics.
This is the first and most authoritative book about Boris Johnsonʼs re-election. Told by an insider, it will reveal the inner workings of the campaign and how one of the most high profile politicians in the country and his extraordinary team pulled off an election victory that was closer than anyone dared think.
Based on an unprecedented level of access to all the key players, including Boris himself and campaign director Lynton Crosby, this is a must read for anyone interested in politics.

1. From celebrity to Mayor
2. Growing pains
3. Re-starting the machine
4. Annus Horribilis
5. Tale of two camps
6. Boris enters the ring
7. Taxman
8. With friends like these…
9. Judgement day
10. Epilogue

About the Author
Alex Crowley is a writer, political adviser and filmmaker. He has advised Boris Johnson since 2007 and was a senior member of the 2008 and 2012 campaign teams that delivered victory. Alex brings unprecedented insight into the inner workings of one of the most high profile political campaigns in recent memory - which serve as a blueprint for future Tory campaigns. He is also uniquely placed to tell the story behind the celebrity; Boris the Mayor and politician campaigning for votes.

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