Saturday 16 March 2013

Blade Runner: Electronic Owls and Illuminati Symbolism

One of only two science-fiction films made by Hollywood visionary Ridley Scott, (the other, of course, being Alien) Blade Runner is about far more than Harrison Ford hunting down and "retiring" rebel replicants. The first Philip K. Dick big screen adaptation the film is an undisputed cult classic and stands today as arguably the best sci-fi movie ever. Its dark, post-apocalyptic and even post-organic urban setting providing one of the few really believable sci-fi backdrops in all of cinema history.
Combined with larger questions about the nature of reality and what it really means to be human it's this convincing and well thought out sci-fi world Scott creates that invites five cuts and frequent re-watching. Almost more like a novel than a film, noticing something new with each visit. Ridley Scott's vision of a future Los Angeles couldn't be much more different to the city we know today (though it's a lot closer now than it was in 1982). With its colossal skyscrapers, heavy pollution and torrential downpours looking more like a darker New York or even DC Comics' Gotham City. Like Alien before it, the film presents a "used future" only this time it's nature itself that's falling apart not just a spaceship. Climatic change apparently wiping out most animal life to the point where artificial copies are far more common and affordable and humans (those who can afford it) are forced to retreat to the "off-world colonies."
Perhaps the strangest thing about Scott's future LA, though, is that it seems completely riddled with Illuminati imagery and symbolism. The Illuminati is the name given to a shadowy group of people who are alleged to be the power behind the scenes, steering our modern society in a New World Order. Perhaps the most obvious example of this parapolitical iconography has to be the "All Seeing Eye."
Blade Runner opens with an extreme close-up of Harrison Ford's character Rick Deckard's eye and there are numerous other eye shots throughout the film. Eyes being important to the plot because they're the only way to tell the difference between replicants (artificial humans) and real humans. Replicant eyes involuntary glowing in certain scenes. However, is this really the All Seeing Eye of the Illuminati?
Interestingly, in his DVD commentary for The Final Cut Scott did admit that the eye imagery was meant to be reminiscent of George Orwell's dystopian Nineteen Eighty-Four and that it was meant to imply that the world of Blade Runner isn't that far removed from the totalitarian regime of the classic novel. Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four, of course, being a favourite tool of conspiracy theorists for explaining the kind of New World Order that the Illuminati are covertly constructing around us. Some researchers even speculating that Orwell (a former officer in the Indian Imperial Police) might have based his novel largely on insider knowledge rather than being simply fiction. But let's get back to Blade Runner.
 In his commentary, Scott explains that he and the writers (again echoing Orwell and Alien) envisioned Blade Runner as a future completely economically, technologically and politically dominated by three or less mega-corporations. In effect, it is a world caught in the iron grip of total corporatism: a situation disturbingly close to today but still a somewhat novel idea back in 1982 (unless you were a conspiracy buff, of course). 

from "Para-News" by Richard Thomas

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