Friday, 8 March 2013

The Stone Tape Theory

The "Stone Tape" theory originates from a television play of the same name by the iconic sci-fi writer Nigel Kneale (of Quatermass and the Pit fame). Combining science fiction with the ghost story genre, in the 1972 BBC Christmas special a group of scientists investigate a supposed haunting in the hope of discovering a brand new recording medium. Their theory is that somehow limestone (and perhaps other materials) can retain moments of the past. That perhaps human memories or experiences (particularly ones involving intense emotions like the last moments before death) can be someway psychically recorded in the stonework of buildings. The idea, of course, being that later someone psychic or sensitive enough could act as a kind of psychic video player. Hence the title of the Kneale's original play "The Stone Tape."
As a credit to Nigel Kneale's genius as a writer, despite making its début in a fictional setting, his idea proved very popular with many of the more scientifically inclined paranormal researchers. Finally offering them a real, and perhaps almost equally engaging, alternative to the standard "life after death" explanation of the traditionalists. What's more, if true, the "Stone Tape" theory might also go some way to explaining some of the problems and inconsistencies often associated with paranormal encounters. 

from "Para News" by Richard Thomas

Book Description

11 Oct 2012
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