Friday 1 March 2013

Dickon Wyor - a character from A Devil's Dozen by Marian Newell

Dickon Wyor  is 13 years old at the start of the story but readers do not meet him until five years later. He is 5'7" tall and heavily built with tawny-brown hair and hazel eyes. Since his father was killed by lightning before his eyes, Dickon has become ever more unruly. He will do anything to entertain himself and cares nothing for those he hurts in the process. His only redeeming feature is his love for his mother, whose land he sometimes works.

A character from A Devil's Dozen by Marian Newell

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Book Description

5 April 2012
Violence, love, loyalty and betrayal among the smugglers who terrorise the coasts of southern England.  For years the Aldington Blues and the Burmarsh Gang have fought each other over the lucrative smuggling trade in Kent.  The rivalry was bitter and the stakes were high.  Now the feud between the two smuggler leaders, George Ransley and James Hogben, is played out in deadly earnest. While their men grow rich, fall in love or gamble away their loot, the intense struggle between Ransley and Hogben follows a twisted route through bloodshed, treachery and wealth. But times are changing and the spectre of the gallows hangs over them all when a popular naval officer is killed by a smuggler. As the government men close in, the gangs join forces. But will it be enough to stave off defeat, capture and death?Meticulously researched and based on contemporary court papers and other records, “A Devil’s Dozen”
recreates the vanished world of the smugglers who were once the kings of the British underworld.

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