Thursday, 10 July 2014

Ben's Story by Norman Tebbit - CHAPTER FOURTEEN – THE 1812 OVERTURE DISC


That evening as Jack and Alice finished dinner, Alice put her hands flat on the table and said,
“Well, Jack. We’ve got a really interesting problem here. What do you think?”
“I suppose the first thought that came to my mind was why not hand over the whole thing to the police...?” said Jack.
“And why not?” interrupted Alice. “We don’t have to be involved do we?”
“No – but what evidence do we have?” Jack continued. “Let’s think what we do know. Sir John did behave oddly at the prizegiving. He is the boss of International Grain Transport & Trading. A car belonging to his firm followed Sam’s father’s car from London out to Brent Cross, and another followed it to somewhere past Watford. And we know that the second car was sold just after that to a dodgy dealer who said it caught fire and was a write-off. We can’t prove the smash wasn’t an accident. We can’t prove Sir John had anything to do with it – or with drug smuggling.”
“That’s a very good summary,” said Alice. “But either with the police or without them, I think we will have to set a trap for Sir John and let him drop himself right in it. There is no real rush. Sir John is not fool enough to do anything to the boy. He thinks he has got away with it. In the morning I’ll go home and perhaps I’ll call on poor Clive Baker again.”
“And why would you do that Alice?” asked Jack. “Just what is it about that dog that you need to discuss with Clive Baker?”
Alice smiled, yawned and said, “I think it’s time for my bed. Goodnight Jack – thank you for dinner,” as she got up and headed for the stairs.

An extract from Ben's Story by Norman Tebbit

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