Thursday, 3 July 2014

Lord Tebbit's Note about Ben's Story

Lord Tebbit's Note about Ben's Story

This is a story about how a boy called Sam, his help dog Ben and their friends   avenged the death of Sam’s father. It is a work of fiction, but many of the places, not least the dog school at Canine Partners do really exist.
None of the characters are real but those who knew the late Daphne Parkes, who was a brave and distinguished MI6 secret agent in Russia and Africa,  may think that Sam’s friend Alice Bacon is just a bit like her. As for Sam, sadly there all too many boys who suffer severe spinal injuries and have to cope with life confined to a wheelchair.
Sam’s friend Ben is a yellow labrador like many of the help dogs trained at Canine Partners, and perhaps he is quite a lot like my dear old friend Ben.  My Ben was as faithful as the one in this book and although he could not communicate as Sam’s dog does in this story, he often knew what I was thinking and I often knew what he was thinking too.
The real life Canine Partners is based near Haywards Heath and the help dogs they train are truly wonderful animals who help hundreds of people live full lives despite all sorts of injuries and disabilities.

Norman Tebbit

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