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Sam was pleased with his mobile ‘phone, even if – as his mother had guessed – Ben was a bit put out that he couldn’t use it.
However, it helped to keep Sam from thinking too much about the visit to his father’s flat. Ben, being a dog – even if a very smart dog – found it quite hard to think about things several days ahead in the future and simply got on with his job of looking after Sam.
Between them they had most things quite well sorted out. Ben had learned the school routine very well and made sure that Sam had his school bag on the back of his chair and that no-one mucked it about. One or two boys had tried that and backed off pretty smartly when Ben grabbed them firmly by their jacket, trousers or even their hand.
Alice was also thinking hard, not just about the visit to the flat, but how to trap Sir John and deliver him to the police, so she had plenty to do.
Jack Riley had spent a day with his old friends in the Drugs Squad at Scotland Yard.  To his relief he found that although the Squad had been reorganised he knew several of the people in charge of hunting down the drug racketeers.
As he told Alice that evening, it was just like old times.
“We are in luck” he explained. “They know quite a lot about Sir John and a bit about how he uses the legal company that imports and exports wheat and barley and that sort of stuff as a cover for the drugs business, but they don’t know enough to arrest him, get him convicted and sent to prison for the drugs offences, let alone for murder and they certainly don’t know enough to pick up the people who work for him. In fact they have not listed Sam’s father’s death as murder – let alone that Sir John was the killer.
What’s more – the people who work for him are too scared to talk to the police, especially the ones who do know what happened to Sam’s father.
Anyway, the police are pretty keen to help us, but they dare not take part in fooling him into giving himself away. You remember what it is like. The big boys in the drugs trade can afford the most expensive lawyers who can wreck a prosecution case in court if the police have, as the lawyers call it, ‘obtained evidence by deception’.
Fortunately, we aren’t the police and we are not acting under their instructions. They don’t even have to know quite what we are up to.
All we have to worry about is making sure that sir John doesn’t outsmart us and that Sam doesn’t get hurt.”
As usual, Alice was thinking hard. She raised one hand and Jack paused as she cut in.
“Yes. We talked about that the other night. You didn’t like my idea of telling Sir John we had got the car he used to push Sam’s father’s car off the road. Well, I’ve thought of a way to do that, but I’ve got something even better here.”

from "Ben's Story" by Norman Tebbit

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