Saturday 25 October 2014

Dr Lee Rotherham: The question is not Brexit, but Brentry

Bretwalda author Lee Rotherham has an article on Conservative Home.

“The purpose of electing a government is for it to govern. It is manifestly clear that no elected British government is now in control of its own house. Far too much governance has been conceded over the years to an unelected bureaucracy in Brussels.”
So writes Sir Bernard Ingham in the foreword to my latest publication for the excellent Freedom Association – Manning the Pumps – and in so doing demonstrating how egregiously he was overlooked for David Cameron’s accolade of “greatest living Yorkshireman”.
What else may Downing Street have missed? On the Europe issue over the past several years, evidently much. UKIP’s rise has been neither unpredicted nor unexpected, while the Conservative Party has developed a reputation for managing expectations over EU integration, rather than forthrightly wedging wooden footwear into the spinning cogs.


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