Monday, 27 October 2014

NEW EBOOK - Make your own Teepee: A creative project you can do at home or at school [Kindle Edition]

Who wouldn’t want a Teepee in their garden? I can’t think of anyone.
A tent of many uses. Obviously somewhere for the kids to play {Millie aged 3 moved her kitchen in 10 minutes after she had applied the first paint to the canvas.}
I sit in there in the quiet of the afternoon and write or read in it’s soothing calm, the shape of which, like a spire, inspires me.
My wife takes refuge there when yet another episode of “The Big Bang Theory”, funny though it is, is replayed for the 18th time and I do the same when another recorded, contorted plotline is unfolding on “Coronation Street.”
Making one is also a creative and interesting way to spend family time, then family and friends’ time, in the long hot summers that we all hope for.

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