Friday 24 October 2014

NEW EBOOK - Ghosts of the Tower of London

NEW EBOOK - Ghosts of the Tower of London

The Tower of London has a sinister reputation - and deservedly so. Executions, murders and disappearances fill its history. Now a new ebook looks at the ghosts, spooks and hauntings that fill these ancient, bloodstained walls.
This book looks at the ghosts that haunt this ancient and forbidding fortress. We meet Anne Boleyn, Lord Dudley, Lady Jane Grey, Sir Walter Raleigh among the famous and a number of anonymous white ladies, grey men and even a phantom bear.
The “Bretwalda Ghost Files” series seeks to look at some of the best known or best authenticated hauntings the have been reported.

About the Author
Jordan Godwinstowe has been studying ghosts for the past 30 years. He began by investigating ghosts to pass the evenings while away from home on business trips, but more recently has been undertaking journeys specifically to carry out investigations into reputedly haunted buildings. He has a vast archive of photos and witness statements about hauntings and ghosts of many different kinds. Now he brings his extensive expertise to bear on the Bretwalda Ghost Files.

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