Thursday 9 October 2014

NEW EBOOK - Bigfoot in Kansas

NEW EBOOK - Bigfoot in Kansas

The gigantic upright ape known as Bigfoot or Sasquatch is not usually associated with Kansas, but there have been a surprisingly large number of sightings in that prairie state.

Take this example, among many others:
On 10 August 2008 a woman was driving by Big John Creek in Morris County in the early morning dawn. As she passed a corn field he saw what she thought was deer and slowed down. When she got close enough to see clearly the creature revealed itself to be a human figure standing nearly 8 feet tall and covered all over in dark brown fur. The creature was holding an ear of corn in its hand and seemed to have been interrupted in the middle of a meal. The woman stopped her car and was trying to decide whether to get out or not, when the careature stepped out of the field, ran across the rod, clearing the road in two gigantic strides, then sprang down the creek bank and splashed over the creek.
She later described the creature as "very broad and looking like a no-neck football player wearing shoulder pads. The skin was black covered with dark brown to black hair, about two inches long, and neat though full of weeds. It had a human-like face with a heavy brow, dark eyes and narrow lips. The creature had a noticeably large hand grasping an ear of corn and made direct eye contact before running off."

In this book cryptid expert Larry Jaffer reviews the evidence for this mysterious beast and comes to some surprising conclusions.

Cryptids are animals, or plants, which are believed by some people to exist, but which have not been accepted as real by the wider scientific community. These cryptids are animals which have been seen, and sometimes photographed, but for which no definitive evidence has been This series of Cryptid Casebooks explores the world of the cryptids.

About the Author
Larry Jaffer has long had an interest in the fortean mysteries that surround us. He grew up ion the Surrey when the Surrey Puma hit the headlines, and went out in search of that elusive beast - without success. Since then he has researched a myriad of other cryptids, including Sasquatch, the sea serpent, the Beast of Bodmin and others. He has also investigated UFO sightings and tracked down numerous ghosts and poltergeists. He has a voluminous archive of witness interviews, photos and other data to back up his writings on the subjects of the unusual, paranormal and downright odd.

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